Simplify  |  20 June 2023

Customer experience (CX): 5 tips for online shops

How many times have you tried to order a product online but eventually gave up ? It’s a situation that almost all customers who prefer to shop online find themselves in at some point. A disorganised website, incomplete information provided to customers, excessive wait times for resolving issues, lack of reviews and feedback, and poor […]

Simplify  |  25 May 2023

4 benefits of artificial intelligence for online shops

Today, AI is such an ever-present tool in our lives, that we can hardly imagine our lives without smartphones, online maps, virtual assistants or online banking. Unlike other industries, e-commerce is an emerging technology-driven field. As the digital world is quickly advancing, online shop owners should keep up with the pace to be able to […]

Simplify  |  16 January 2023

Improve customer experience with delivery notifications

Anyone who has ever placed an order online knows that after the actual purchase part, the most important thing that comes next is the delivery. And now, when we have multiple options, from lockers where we can pick up the products over a longer period of time, or the classic home delivery, it is all […]

Simplify  |  29 November 2022

5 tips for scaling your e-commerce business

Online business owners in the e-commerce industry must be able to quickly adapt to changes that occur. You may feel overwhelmed if you are not yet prepared for a rapidly growing customer base or if you do not intend to make changes. And the consequences will be felt quickly: a slow or difficult-to-load website, dissatisfied […]

Simplify  |  07 July 2022

The benefits of e-fulfillment automation

Online shopping has boomed in Romania, with a strong growth estimated at 6.2 billion euros in 2021, up 11% from 2020. Our e-commerce sector accounts for nearly half of Eastern Europe’s total e-commerce turnover, which is estimated at 14 billion euros. Because of the rise in online ordering, many small and medium-sized businesses have re-evaluated […]

Simplify  |  21 June 2022

What does lead time mean, how can it be improved and what are the benefits of online stores?

by Carmen Vasilescu Everyone in the logistics industry is familiar with the term “lead time”. Lead time is first and foremost a KPI that tracks the length of supply chain processes and operations. That is, it refers to the serving time, which is the exact time between when an order is placed and when it […]