Simplify  |  16 January 2023

Improve customer experience with delivery notifications

Anyone who has ever placed an order online knows that after the actual purchase part, the most important thing that comes next is the delivery. And now, when we have multiple options, from lockers where we can pick up the products over a longer period of time, or the classic home delivery, it is all […]

Simplify  |  30 May 2022

The importance of last mile delivery

Consumers are becoming more accustomed to faster delivery times as online commerce continues to grow globally, so retail supply chain delivery methods should also evolve. As a result, online retailers have begun to experiment with new technologies and supply patterns in order to increase the volume of parcels delivered. Last mile delivery has recently become […]

Simplify  |  07 March 2022

How do you choose the best courier service for your company?

by Bogdan Chiric Senior Account Executive Choosing the right courier is probably one of the most important steps for your online store. Why? Because, as technology and purchasing habits have evolved, so have expectations for product delivery. Online shoppers, now more than ever, prefer quick delivery and high-quality services. As a result, the more enjoyable […]

Simplify  |  06 September 2021

How to make delivery management an effective strategy for the Back to School and Black Friday 2021 campaigns

Back to school, Black Friday, and the winter holidays are the next sales promotion campaigns for the e-commerce industry. Because of the pandemic context, campaigns in 2021 will have to continue to focus heavily on online customers, as they did last year. Those who run a business that relies on online sales must be prepared […]

Simplify  |  07 June 2021

Season 1 - How to Simplify your business

Episode 2 – The Advantages of Using a Multi-Carrier Shipping Platform What exactly is Innoship? Innoship is a technology company that allows e-commerce businesses to manage their own courier contracts more efficiently, resulting in cost savings, improved delivery quality, and a better end-customer experience. What are the advantages of using a platform like this? We […]

Simplify  |  27 April 2021

How does e-commerce influence the logistics market and the activity of related companies?

Bogdan Alecu – Senior Editor, Ziarul Financiar Cosmin Căpățâneanu – Commercial Director Simplify M: Hello. With us today is Cosmin Căpățâneanu, Commercial Director at Simplify by KLG. Hello, Cosmin! Cosmin: Hello, Bogdan! Thank you very much for today’s invitation. M: Thank you for being with us! Cosmin, explain us a little more, what does Simplify […]