Simplify  |  03 August 2023

Control the return rate of products in 5 easy steps

E-commerce has quickly become the preferred method of shopping for customers. Although it has opened up new opportunities for merchants by being a customer’s favorite due to its convenience and speed, it also has a major disadvantage – a high rate of product returns. In the United States, for example, the average return rate for […]

Simplify  |  05 July 2023

How to adapt your e-commerce business during inflation

Inflation periods can be difficult for any company, but the entrepreneurs’ businesses are certainly among the hardest hit. The general and (oftentimes) rapid increase in the pricing of products and services reduces the purchasing power of money and leads people to reconsider their shopping habits. Unfortunately, even e-commerce businesses can’t avoid inflation, which impacts both […]

Simplify  |  02 May 2023

E-commerce trends that you should be aware of in 2023

The e-commerce market is booming in Romania. It’s not just our opinion, but also that of industry analysts. According to a report from Mordor Intelligence, the e-commerce industry in Romania is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 11,56% between 2022-2027. The expected/projected evolution is due to digital advancement, infrastructure development and […]

Simplify  |  11 April 2023

Top 5 online store "customs & traditions" around Easter

If you own an online store, you are already used to the shopping frenzy around established holidays. Along with Black Friday and Christmas, Easter is one of the busiest shopping days of the year. With this list of “customs & traditions” that you should not overlook in the coming period, you can ensure and prepare […]

Simplify  |  29 November 2022

5 tips for scaling your e-commerce business

Online business owners in the e-commerce industry must be able to quickly adapt to changes that occur. You may feel overwhelmed if you are not yet prepared for a rapidly growing customer base or if you do not intend to make changes. And the consequences will be felt quickly: a slow or difficult-to-load website, dissatisfied […]

Simplify  |  05 April 2022

5 ways to improve your online store's inventory

Product stock management becomes more difficult as your online store expands and your logistics operations become more complex. The global economic environment of the last two years, as well as the supply chain crisis, have had a significant negative impact on the availability of stock for certain types of goods. Improper inventory management can result […]