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Simplify, a new service by KLG Europe Romania

Part of KLG Europe (acquired in Q3 2019 by Sinotrans), KLG Europe Romania continues its path to greatness through business innovation, unparalleled responsibility and dedication offered to its clients.


A combination of crystal-clear vision and deep-rooted values have pushed KLG Europe Romania to be better, faster and smarter at creating the perfect integration to answer the needs of the entire supply chain. Simplify is the proof for the levels of commitment and innovation ready to be invested in our clients’ businesses, big or small. KLG Europe Romania’s work ethos is guided by values such as trust, togetherness, innovation, responsibility and fun, a potent mix that builds sustainable growth and brings added value to clients and partners.

KLG Europe

For more than 100 years KLG Europe imagines a world without borders and works tirelessly together with its partners and clients to turn it into a reality. With strategically placed offices around Romania, UK, Holland and China, KLG Europe offers fully integrated logistics services to cater to ambitious clients: land, air, sea, storage and value added services.


The company has been built on attributes held dear by more than 1100 employees. Responsibility, innovation, proactivity, efficiency, sustainability – these aren’t just buzz words. They’re red lines that connect KLG Europe’s business philosophy and help it navigate a world that is increasingly complex.


Great partnerships are built on transparency and trust – the reason why so many clients are long time partners of KLG Europe. Logistics insights (like monthly KPI reports and analytics), a proactive approach (permanent reassesment and betterment of processes), absolute safety, a leading & inspiring role (self initiated forums, seminars and trade fairs), a pledge for sustainability and social responsibility – these are just a few of the promises that inform KLG Europe’s road to success.
In early 2020, KLG Europe became part of the Sinotrans Group.

KLG Europe Romania & Simplify Clients