Simplify  |  09 June 2021

Season 1: How to Simplify your business

Episode 3 – What is marketplace integration and how can it help you scale your business? What is easySales? easySales is a SaaS platform, a product that aims to standardize and automate e-commerce. Through this, we hope to create a new platform, a new way of doing e-commerce in Romania in an automated, centralized manner, […]

Simplify  |  07 June 2021

Season 1 - How to Simplify your business

Episode 2 – The Advantages of Using a Multi-Carrier Shipping Platform What exactly is Innoship? Innoship is a technology company that allows e-commerce businesses to manage their own courier contracts more efficiently, resulting in cost savings, improved delivery quality, and a better end-customer experience. What are the advantages of using a platform like this? We […]

Simplify  |  02 June 2021

Shopping cart abandonment

What it is and how can you improve the customer experience? Just a thought experiment: what would it be like to have a real-world shopping experience that was sometimes similar to an online one? To be able to enter a store, put all the products you want to buy in a basket, and then decide […]

Simplify  |  25 May 2021

Season 1: How to Simplify your business

Episode 1 – Why outsource the e-fulfillment process? For whom is Simplify designed? Simplify addresses all people who want simple and fast products, all e-commerce specialists, both entrepreneurs and large corporations, and all those who promote this e-commerce product in the market. What has been your previous experience with e-commerce entrepreneurs? It was, without a […]

Simplify  |  04 May 2021

E-Commerce vs. Marketplace

Where should you sell your products online? Entrepreneurs are always looking to find the most efficient sales channels for their businesses, and most of the time they have to choose between them. If you have a business that sells online products, how do you decide between an ecommerce website or a marketplace and more than […]

Simplify  |  27 April 2021

How does e-commerce influence the logistics market and the activity of related companies?

Bogdan Alecu – Senior Editor, Ziarul Financiar Cosmin Căpățâneanu – Commercial Director Simplify M: Hello. With us today is Cosmin Căpățâneanu, Commercial Director at Simplify by KLG. Hello, Cosmin! Cosmin: Hello, Bogdan! Thank you very much for today’s invitation. M: Thank you for being with us! Cosmin, explain us a little more, what does Simplify […]