Simplify  |  20 September 2021

5 trends shaping online consumer behavior in 2021

The pandemic has pushed consumers to change some habits and adopt new ones, and as e-commerce evolves rapidly in Europe, it is time to move on to the next stage of online expansion. Today, the question is not whether people will shop online, but how frequently they will do so, how much they will spend, […]

Simplify  |  06 September 2021

How to make delivery management an effective strategy for the Back to School and Black Friday 2021 campaigns

Back to school, Black Friday, and the winter holidays are the next sales promotion campaigns for the e-commerce industry. Because of the pandemic context, campaigns in 2021 will have to continue to focus heavily on online customers, as they did last year. Those who run a business that relies on online sales must be prepared […]

Simplify  |  27 July 2021

The importance of packaging as a marketing tool

Even before reading this article, you have most likely placed an order online or were contacted by a courier company. It is no secret that online shopping is rapidly expanding, as is the entire e-commerce industry. Delivery and fulfillment are the most direct ways for e-commerce businesses to interact and connect with their customers. Packaging […]

Simplify  |  27 April 2021

How does e-commerce influence the logistics market and the activity of related companies?

Bogdan Alecu – Senior Editor, Ziarul Financiar Cosmin Căpățâneanu – Commercial Director Simplify M: Hello. With us today is Cosmin Căpățâneanu, Commercial Director at Simplify by KLG. Hello, Cosmin! Cosmin: Hello, Bogdan! Thank you very much for today’s invitation. M: Thank you for being with us! Cosmin, explain us a little more, what does Simplify […]