Episode 2 – The Advantages of Using a Multi-Carrier Shipping Platform

  1. What exactly is Innoship?

Innoship is a technology company that allows e-commerce businesses to manage their own courier contracts more efficiently, resulting in cost savings, improved delivery quality, and a better end-customer experience.

  1. What are the advantages of using a platform like this?

We have to look at Innoship as we would look at three main elements of business.

First of all, and the most important one in terms of technical infrastructure, is the ease with which orders can be communicated and transmitted to courier companies. Innoship is the middle ground between a retail company’s infrastructure and couriers -it’s connected to all courier companies via API and it brings a single connection point to retail companies. As a result, once connected to Innoship, you can send orders to any courier company in the local and international markets.
APIs eliminate development and maintenance costs, allowing you to spend less time exploring, communicating, and doing business with any type of courier or courier service.

The second component is related to optimization.
How can you get the most out of your own courier contracts, how can you optimize your costs, how can you identify, for each order, that the most suitable courier for it is one or the other, how can you forget about cost and performance, how can you incorporate your own business rules into the decision, so that the winning courier is the one who can keep your promise to the end customer?

The third component provides detailed visibility into your business processes and partnerships with courier companies.

Innoship assists you in measuring how well a courier delivers, what the rate of return is, how quickly your money returns from cash on delivery, and assists you in being alerted when unforeseen situations occur internally, as well as providing a communication plan in the after-sales process, after the order has been placed; how you keep the customer up to date and notify them via SMS or email throughout the delivery, in your own style and branding, based on the messages you want to send to the customer.

  1. Is there a cost savings for an online store that uses Innoship services?

We see Innoship as a way to improve your company’s operational efficiency.

We optimize the following major components:

To begin, we optimize the interaction with the end customer and provide him with a benefit through delivery options.

The second one is in the allocation area, where we perform a cost optimization. If we look at the fashion retail sector, we can guarantee a discount of 10% to 15%. Our client portfolio confirms the savings of 10% – 15%, allowing you to easily increase the quality. If we look at companies that have heavier products, with more kilograms or that are bulky, you can save up to 25% or more.

When we look at the process side, we look at how we improve the after sales process, how I manage to make optimizations in the way I communicate with the end customer, how I keep the customer updated with the sales process, how I communicate to him via email or SMS at the right time, so that they stay up to date and trust me, due to the fact that I keep them up to date on all of the important things that happen. As a result, I am able to reduce the rate of return.

Implementing Innoship services results in immediate cost savings, improved delivery service quality, and a lower return rate.