Online shopping has boomed in Romania, with a strong growth estimated at 6.2 billion euros in 2021, up 11% from 2020. Our e-commerce sector accounts for nearly half of Eastern Europe’s total e-commerce turnover, which is estimated at 14 billion euros. Because of the rise in online ordering, many small and medium-sized businesses have re-evaluated the efficiency of their e-fufillment process, with many looking for automation solutions.

If you also run an e-commerce business that still uses manual processes to prepare customer orders, you may already be struggling to meet customer delivery expectations, especially as order requests increase.

What could help you in this situation is to distribute the outsourcing of e-fulfillment services to a 3PL company that uses order processing automation.

To consider the outsourcing service, we present below some of the advantages of using advanced technology to automate the e-fulfillment process and how this can affect the development of your online store.

You will become more profitable

Automating the e-fulfillment process will help your e-commerce business make more money by saving time and allowing employees to focus on specific tasks. How is this possible? Simply put, automation eliminates the need for manual data entry, thereby simplifying the entire ordering process. Furthermore, such an e-fulfillment service provider can process large volumes of orders rapidly with a small number of people involved.

More technologically advanced warehouse equipment allows employees to focus on tasks that help them become more involved and productive. As a result, automation in an e-fulfillment center can result in increased productivity and positivity at work.

Better customer service

Customers who receive prompt and effective and error-free deliveries are more likely to return to those online stores. Returns, exchanges, and refunds must be processed quickly and smoothly in order for them to return. When there is a volatile and unexpected demand, e-fulfillment operations must be prepared to change course quickly – increasing or decreasing depending on the volume.

Accurate estimation, combined with a clear picture of inventory management, allows you to better plan the stock you require. This is important for optimizing warehouse space and avoiding inventory depletion.

As a result, the accuracy of automated processes can help in the growth of your online store by encouraging customers to place new orders.

Increasing sales volume

Integration with various shopping platforms, in order to keep up with demand and competition, requires retailers to manage an increasing number of sales channels – web stores, mobile applications, online markets, and more. At the same time, providing seamless shopping experiences for customers across these channels can be difficult and often time-consuming.

Whether you sell on a well-known platform like Etsy, Amazon, Shopify WooCommerce, or your own website, an order management system allows you to centralize all of these channels and focus on what matters most – order delivery customers on time.

Accounting and billing are also managed from the same platform. This eliminates the need for manual data entry and the risk of errors.


With automatic order management from an e-fulfillment center like Simplify, you no longer have to worry about preparing, packing, and shipping orders to the end consumer in the shortest amount of time. As a result, order fulfillment process automation is required for an online store in order to scale and expand the customer base.