The countdown has already started! Black Friday is a much-anticipated purchase period for both online stores and customers, and orders from this period have also become more complex.

Your online store’s sales messages, whether through the image it promotes or the text itself, must be able to attract customers’ attention and encourage them to buy from you. All of the suggestions below will assist you in the sales process. How do you entice current or prospective customers? What changes can you make to your marketing strategy? We have answers to all of these questions.

  1. Check the format of your ads

The banner is one of the most popular and widely used advertising formats. Aside from the aesthetic pleasure generated for the customer, the banner also plays the role of creating the consumer’s desire to purchase. A good and convincing design for your target audience will ensure at least a higher level of awareness and may even lead to the sale or gaining a new customer.

Use brand colours to be easily recognized by your customers, but keep in mind that the main goal, regardless of the graphics used, is to be memorable and direct the consumer to your website. Aside from successful design, don’t forget about the text and the channels through which you operate. More details will be provided in the following section.

  1. Build your social media strategy with care

When we think of an online store’s social media presence, we usually think of platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest. The strategy you develop for your online store on these platforms is critical, because consumers are looking for specific ideas, products, or services, and you should be prepared for these searches. That is why you should communicate with your customers on a regular basis, informing them of your plans for Black Friday promotions. Why? Customers will follow the posts on your social media channels and search for offers this way.

And, in order for this content to be relevant to your store, it must be designed for both social networking and SEO:

  • Communicate a concise message: be direct and avoid communicating irrelevant information. In addition, the product should be clearly displayed. Don’t forget to include the days and hours when it is available at the best price (if you’re advertising on Google, use ad extensions).
  • Be noticeable: for Black Friday, emphasize the percentage of discount offered. Customers will almost certainly look for this right away. And, if you’re considering adding another product in the same category, such as accessories, don’t be afraid to do so – for example, when your customer buys a phone, give him a free cover.
  • Prepare for retargeting: Remarketing ads can be used to remind customers who have abandoned their shopping cart that their products are still available. Show them a picture of the product and, of course, don’t forget to mention that other products are on sale or that the item itself is on sale.
  • Include keywords: Keywords are essential whether you’re advertising on Google or Facebook. The Google Ads Keyword Planner will assist you in this process by providing relevant keywords and bid estimates, allowing you to run a successful campaign. This means that, depending on the targeted customer, you should include words related to Black Friday in your ads or optimize the language to be as accurate as possible. For example, if generation Z is your target audience, the language you use in communication must be similar to theirs.
  1. Construct your Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign

Pay-Per-Click Campaigns are an online marketing model in which advertisers pay each time someone clicks on their advertisements. Essentially, you don’t gain customers organically; rather, you “purchase” them through site visits. Google Ads, formerly known as Google Adwords, is the most popular PPC campaign.

To begin a campaign like this, you must first create a Google Ads account, enter your billing information, enter a valid bank card, and set your objectives. The next step is to select your keywords, and Google can assist you with this by providing a tool called Google Ads Keyword Tool. This tool provides information on the number of searches performed on or each month, as well as the level of competition. Furthermore, an analysis can be performed to obtain a set of keywords useful in promoting the site by entering the URL of your own website or that of the competition. The list you receive is based on that website’s Google indexing mechanism.

Don’t forget to include your keywords! Words like free, x % off, Black Friday, offers, promotions, savings, and opportunity are effective at capturing the attention of customers.


With Black Friday just around the corner, your online store’s sales strategy must be well thought out. As a result, try to be present on the channels where your customers are, creating relevant ads and providing an adequate and pleasant service. As with every year, Black Friday will be about the best deals, massive sales, and customers who want to take advantage of it all.