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Simplify makes life easier. Yours and your business'. Simple as that.

The most efficient all-in-one e-fulfillment solution for your e-shop.


We take care of your logistic processes so you can focus on what matters to you the most: growing your business, turning a bigger profit, and spending more time doing the things you love.

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To Simplify or not?

To Simplify or not?

As a business owner, you want less things on your plate. Not more. And we all know what a huge pain logistics can be. Don’t get tangled in questions like:

Do I have enough space?
Do I have too much space?
Should I pack in smaller boxes?
Did I print the labels?
Will I lose money on restocking returns?
How can I make inbound more cost-efficient?

Simplify takes care of all that for you.

Really! All of it.


Because the real questions you should be asking as a business owner are:

What market do I want to expand to?
What other lines of business should I open?

How does Simplify work?

Simplify: inbound, storage, packing, shipping

The most efficient all-in-one e-fulfilment solution for your e-shop.

With Simplify you get the complete supply chain management. No matter where your suppliers are, we bring your products via land, sea or air, to simplify your day to day business.

And thanks to our streamlined operational process, backed by 100 years of experience and smart software, we deliver less hassle, better lead time, and lower costs.

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: the why, the what and the when

Logistics is crucial but not worth spending more time than necessary. So, here’s why you need Simplify:

click to door solution: from supplier to stock reception & storage to shipping & returns

optimized costs: you pay for occupied storage capacity and only for what you sell

transport inbound: one transport supplier for all your vendors

optimized last-mile delivery: there’s no simpler way from click to door thanks to our partner Innoship

unlimited operational support: fast scale-up and streamlined expansion to new markets

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Tips to grow even bigger


On-time deliveries, 0 chances of return

Delayed deliveries have a chance of return of 6 times, regardless the industry. Wouldn't it be better to rely on a reliable partner, thus avoiding 30-35% of your orders being returned?


Mobile shopping versus desktop shopping

In the evening we mostly buy from our mobiles and during the day from the desktop. Especially between 10:00 and 15:00.
Make sure your site is optimized for both options. Many of us have that innocent little pleasure of shopping before bed.


Outsourced services, higher chances of winning

The key factors in making the purchase decision are the low prices, fast delivery and the notoriety of the online store.
No one does a better job with fast delivery and lower prices than an e-fulfillment company. And for notoriety, who else can be better than you?


Having an optimized site, means more shopping

Did you know that 63.6% of online shopping comes directly from a mobile phone?
Optimize your mobile site and eliminate the risk of losing your customers.


The simpler it is, the more profitable it is

The purchase decision is made in 46.5% of cases, in the first hour when the buyer accesses the online store.
Create a site as "user friendly" as possible and don’t waste your time with other information that a potential customer would not consider useful.


Cash on delivery or online payment?

80% of Romanians prefer the cash on delivery method when purchasing products online.
The most important thing in choosing a courier is the security that these amounts get back to you as quickly as possible.


More photos, 80% more sales

Sounds surprising? 5 presentation photos for each item on sale can grow sales with up to 80%. Let us take care of logistics so you have time for marketing. Or some photography classes.


Bigger market, more profitable business

If in 2019 the market grew by 33%, growth for 2020 will be 40%. It’s time to scale up and sell more. We can help by taking logistics off your hands.


Wider range, more sales

A wider product ranger means variety and trust to clients. So, leave your logistics to us and focus on widening your range.


New categories, bigger volumes

When you add new categories of products you can grow volumes by up to 21%. We’ll take care of logistics, so you have time to diversify your business.


Optimized shipping, lower return rates

You can lower return rates with up to 18% by optimizing your shipping. Choose Simplify and deliver on time, as promised to your clients when the order was made. More satisfied clients, better margins.


Happier clients, more clients

70% of clients return if their claim is favorably resolved. And at least 77% of them will recommend you to their friends. We can take care of your logistics so you can start measuring client satisfaction, improving response times or optimizing the claims procedure.


Client satisfaction, business success

An NPS score between 30% and 50% can bring a growth in sales of up to 24%. How to grow your score? For example, the option to deliver to lockers has increased the score for online shops with 22% in the first semester. Simplify offers multiple options at checkout so that you can improve and grow satisfaction.


Big stocks, storage to measure

Annually, Romanian online shops lose sales of about 700 million RON because of a lack of stocks. A successful business is never out of stock and has a partner such as Simplify that always has available storage.

How does Simplify’s all-in-one e-fulfilment solution work?

: Connect and deliver to us

No matter what e-commerce platform you use, your stocks automatically sync with our system. You can receive or replenish your stock and transport products from all your suppliers to our warehouse, with just one partner.

: Store, pick and pack

With Simplify, you leverage KLG EUROPE’s transport network: national and international air, land, rail transport for efficient inbound. According to stock & daily order volume, your business gets its own part of our modern warehouse. Shelves and pallet space included. When customers order from your e-shop, we instantly receive the order and start preparing it right away: picking, packing, labelling and final preparation for delivery. That means you minimize your lead times and increases customer satisfaction.

: Shipping and delivery

Simplify keeps it flexible: you can opt to integrate your own couriers with no extra cost, increased efficiency when shipping and a better & faster service to your customer.

: Returns and claims

The returns process is never easy. That’s why we take that off your hands: orders are returned to our warehouse where we can seamlessly restock the items or park them for pending evaluation.

: simplify, streamline, cut costs

SKU  (Average number of articles in stock)

Stock volume

(Equivalent number of eurotype pallets, max 1,8m height)

Number of pieces on stock

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Orders / month

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The service is designed for products that can be packed in boxes with 60x40x40 cm dimensions.

The service is not addressed to ADR products, temperature controlled products or food.

A simplified business is one that save you time and money. That’s why our costs are variable depending on stock volume, frequency of reception and how much you sell.

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