Episode 1 – Why outsource the e-fulfillment process?

  1. For whom is Simplify designed?

Simplify addresses all people who want simple and fast products, all e-commerce specialists, both entrepreneurs and large corporations, and all those who promote this e-commerce product in the market.

  1. What has been your previous experience with e-commerce entrepreneurs?

It was, without a doubt, one of my most valuable experiences. I’ve been in the business market for many years and have met a variety of business partners, with the biggest challenge being to be an e-commerce entrepreneur.

It’s incredible how dynamic and volatile this market is. Every experience and every meeting with an e-commerce entrepreneur teaches me something new. It’s fascinating that you not only learn from them, but also teach others. You can use the knowledge you gain from each one to teach others as a business principle. And it’s quite beautiful.

  1. What questions should I ask a supplier as an online store owner?

Costs and volumes are usually the first questions asked in business, but that does not mean they are not the most important.

Instead, I think I’d like to ensure the flexibility of the partner I’ll be working with, his ability to respond to my peak periods, and the dynamics of the services he provides me.

Before discussing what costs and economic components mean, I would include a number of elements in my portfolio of questions.

It is critical to ensure that he understands your business and needs before embarking on such a collaboration.

Find a partner who understands your product because e-commerce is not the same for everyone; it varies greatly depending on the product.

Look for a partner who fully understands your business dynamics, and you will have found the right partner.

  1. When is it time to outsource an online business’s services?

When you want to grow, this is the time to do it.

E-commerce is a complex of factors involving a great deal of technology.

There comes a time when you can control it all, when you can coordinate everything from taking orders to administration, preparation, delivery, and courier relations.

When you want to grow and have creative time, strategy thinking, and time to promote your product from a marketing standpoint, leave the things that are routine to others.

That is the point at which you can consider outsourcing because you have saved time.

  1. A memorable moment in your interactions with e-commerce entrepreneurs?

When we meet at least 90% of the client’s requirements, we know we’re on the right track.

I believe I had a similar experience.

We are all aware that we recently had a client debut in our Simplify portfolio who experienced the emotions of outsourcing for the first time. It was a fantastic feeling.

Every night, he would call and say, “I’m not sleeping.” I’m not sure if I made the right choice. I’m not sure if I made the right decision when I decided to outsource. ” Could you tell me if I did well? ”

I have to admit that when he asked me those questions, they felt like a weight on my shoulders.

We did it in such a way that we were able to recover a large volume of orders in a single day, and when we received the product,  I got a message that I believe will mark me for life.

“Now I can sleep peacefully, and I’ll start implementing my marketing strategy tomorrow,” he said.

I believe I provided him with the opportunity he required. He experienced emotions, just like us, because he had expectations that we had to meet, but I believe we gave him the moment to click and move on.