When dealing with business management as an online business owner, you are constantly exposed to new terms and software platforms. This is especially obvious when it comes to supply chains. Various terms used by those in the industry can be confusing to those who use them. Have you heard of the concept of reward fulfillment?

Consider the concept of reward fulfillment as one way to expand your e-commerce business. If you still don’t know what it is or how it can help you, you can find out right now!

Reward fulfillment is a type of logistics that encourages customers to become loyal shoppers, which means they will return to the store. Each of the three categories – marketing, subscription services, and providing prizes – contributes to the customer reward concept.


This is most likely one of the most common reward fulfillment marketing types. This type of fulfillment takes place within the stations that deal with product preparation and packaging. As a result, in addition to the purchased items, you can include promotional items in your customers’ orders that will delight them when they receive their order. Thank you notes, stickers, and business cards are the most common marketing materials that are delivered to customers’ inboxes. They also include a discount or other perk for your next purchase. By providing these small rewards to your customers, you can increase their satisfaction and easily entice them to return to your website.

Subscription services

Subscription fulfillment is a method of delivering products to customers on a regular basis. These services can range from recurring shipments of items ordered on a regular basis by customers to shipping customized boxes based on their requirements. According to studies, 71% of consumers expect brands and online stores to offer personalized shipping. As an example, you could offer your subscribers products that need to be refilled. As a result, you will make the purchase process easier for their customers by eliminating the trip to the store or delivery point. This will help you in maintaining a growing customer base, particularly if your products are simple to ship.

Providing prizes

Giving your customers the opportunity to earn prizes is another way to reward them and build a relationship with them. Offering giveaways or competitions for your customers to enter can help you earn prizes. Small gifts can instantly increase consumer engagement and improve relationships. It’s a good idea to make sure that the distribution center that handles your orders has the products needed to quickly send the rewards to your customers.


Depending on your online store and the specifics of the products you sell, you can use one of the three methods to reward buyers, or all three if your business allows it. It is critical to understand that each type of reward fulfillment works with a different system, so they should be delivered precisely and on time.