The accelerated digitalization of recent years, especially during the pandemic, has come with multiple benefits, both for stores and buyers. And while stores now have the opportunity to offer personalized services, interact with customers, and collect feedback in a much more personal way, customers have many more options to find out information about the products and offers they are receiving.

So, in order to better anticipate the wishes and needs of your customers, we have put together a list of aspects that consumers take into account when shopping for Black Friday.

  1. Shopping online, not in physical stores

More and more consumers are switching to online shopping, a trend that has grown even more in the last year and a half. And this is due to online stores having multiple advantages over the traditional option, such as product comparison options according to relevant criteria at the individual level, the ability to check the prices of a product on multiple sites and, not to be overlooked, the fact that delivery is ensured by the store.

Also, in the current pandemic context, online shopping offers an additional level of security, given the lack of contact with sales agents or other customers.

  1. Price history

To judge how good Black Friday deals are, some buyers keep track, for a longer period of time, of the product prices they are interested in. More recently, they can monitor prices using specialized platforms such as Google Shopping. So, if you want to anticipate this habit, you can create a price history for the products you plan to include in your Black Friday offers. Thus, not only do you give your customers the opportunity to see exactly what the discount is, but you also create a tool through which you can gain their trust, while also keeping them on your website.

  1. Loyalty programs

Loyalty programs often give members early access to coupons, sales and promotions, and then allow them to earn rewards for what they buy. You can implement such a program through which your customers can benefit from additional discounts for Black Friday, but also to be the first to find out about the offers you are preparing. You can also provide additional information, such as the availability of stocks for the products on offer or details about shipping options so that when they buy something from your site, they know exactly what the necessary steps are.

  1. Social media can make a difference

Stores’ Facebook, Instagram or Twitter pages are a great way to communicate about exclusive offers and promotions. Through these channels, you can offer customers who follow you special alerts on discounts and Black Friday offers. And, of course, texting, tweeting, and posting on social media are a handy way for them to share information about Black Friday shopping with their friends.

  1. What are the store’s policies?

In the case of high-value purchases, many customers check the store’s policies in advance, whether it is about delivery and return or the possibility of benefiting from equal prices as those from other stores. What you can do in this case is make sure that your store’s policies are easily accessible and visible on your site. Also, before Black Friday, you can send a newsletter to your customers, detailing these policies, so that they know what to expect.


More and more buyers are paying more attention to transparency, clarity, and loyalty programs. Of course, especially when it comes to online stores. So, if you want to attract more customers this Black Friday, you can try to apply from the tips above.