Episode 3 – What is marketplace integration and how can it help you scale your business?

  1. What is easySales?

easySales is a SaaS platform, a product that aims to standardize and automate e-commerce. Through this, we hope to create a new platform, a new way of doing e-commerce in Romania in an automated, centralized manner, so that platform users can easily manage their entire online activity, often across multiple platforms.

  1. What exactly is a SaaS platform?

The SaaS platform is a cloud-integrated web service, based on subscription, that allows users to benefit from the entire IT infrastructure by simply accessing an internet browser. It is paid monthly according to how much you use that platform.

  1. How simple is it to integrate with marketplaces?

Traditionally, when a company reaches a certain size, it turns to programmers to develop various connectors and integrations with sales channels, couriers, and everything else they require in the online area.

We ensure this e-commerce structure through the connector we have with each customer, which gives them the freedom to choose where they sell, how they sell, and to synchronize their stocks in real time, eliminating the situation of selling products they do not have in stock. What we do is replace almost all of the developments that they do separately for each marketplace and channel.

  1. How much does it cost for an online store to use easySales?

Prices vary depending on the number of orders. Our platform enables multi-channel sales, which increases your sales as an online store and the price you pay varies depending on the number of orders processed.

Fees start at 29 EUR per month and can rise to hundreds or thousands of EUR depending on the trader.

Our strategy is to integrate as many marketplaces as possible in order to provide our customers with as many orders as possible, both nationally and internationally, thereby assisting them in growing.