easySales is a 100% Romanian platform that combines technical solutions with the eCommerce’s team know-how.

The popularity of the platform comes from the ease with which you can centralize and manage in one place, all the activity on different marketplaces.

Through easySales you are present on multiple platforms, with a minimum of technical knowledge! In addition, you can use favorite couriers and billing software and you have access to automation functions.

The imports of the products and orders are made quickly, without any initial costs or setups, connection being made through an API.

This way you can increase the number of orders by up to 65%, in the first 3 months of use!

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The benefits of easySales

Easily manage the activity of multiple marketplaces

You can centralize all the information about the products and the orders, in order to make the whole sales process as simple and efficient as possible.

You have access to automatic functions, in continuous development

You have access to automatic reports and functions such as: photo resizing and editing, automated SMS, Auto Price, etc.

You have advantageous costs and you quickly test new channels

Quickly test new sales channels and receive dedicated support throughout the collaboration.

You optimize your costs through automation

You can automate various repetitive tasks: real-time inventory synchronization, invoice and AWBs automation, mass editing, thus reducing staff costs.