Black Friday, which began as an American tradition, has evolved into a global phenomenon. Consumers from all over the world are looking for the best deals, and brands and stores are trying to meet their needs. This year’s shopping will be different than in previous years due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Large crowds sitting and waiting all night in front of stores, as well as record visits to brick and mortar stores, will not occur in 2021. However, we all expect the biggest shopping event to take place primarily in a safer environment, i.e. online.

So little time remains before the long-awaited time of year when everyone buys the desired products at a discount! This season, regardless of the type of store you own, whether you sell services or products, you can expect to sell a lot. And to make it easier for you, we’ve compiled below a list of tips to help you reach out to your customers more effectively.

  • Use hashtags

We’re all aware that during this time, we are trying to find the products we’re looking for as quickly as possible. However, new product suggestions that catch our eye appear in our search. Use the most popular hashtags for the products you sell in your social media posts, depending on the type of online store you own. As a result, you will not only address the people who are already following you, but you will also expand your audience because your messages will reach a larger audience.

  • Include a free product

We all appreciate “free” gifts, especially when they are unexpected. During Black Friday sales, include a free product that is relevant to the order or represents your online store in the packages you send. You can build excitement among customers by using a dedicated hashtag that informs them that for every order placed during this time period, they will receive a small gift. This will entice their interest in following your store’s Black Friday offer and possibly get them to place their first order on the website.

  • What customers love: free delivery

In addition to studies that acknowledge delivery as a key factor in the purchasing process, the reality is that during this period, customers expect to benefit from free delivery regardless of how good the offers and discounts of online stores are. And this is a good way to keep existing customers and attract new ones. This will most likely be appreciated by everyone.

  • Create a Gift Guide for the Winter Holidays

Many shoppers begin their holiday shopping during the Black Friday sale period, believing that they will save time and money. Finding gifts for your loved ones, on the other hand, can take a long time. You can create a Gift Guide for the Winter Holidays to help those who are undecided about gifts. What would this guide look like and what information would it include? It should have a nice design, highlighting the offer you have prepared for the winter promotions, and also be especially inspirational so that your customers can finalize their shopping list as soon as possible.

  • Give customers reasons to shop even after Black Friday

If you have good deals and ads on social media, this year’s Black Friday should be a success for your online business and bring you new customers. But, once it’s over, have you considered what the store’s offerings will be? Your strategy must also include customer retention, which is critical. Whether you’re planning offers for Cyber Monday or the middle of December, you can plan and announce as many promotions as you want to entice customers to return.

  • Use Instagram Shops

Use Instagram Shops as much as possible in your Instagram strategy as it has become a standard channel for social media advertising. Instagram Shops allows users to purchase items without leaving the app. If you don’t already have a business account on this platform, you can create one very easily (and for free), but the Instagram review process takes a few days, so start setting up your store profile about a week before Black Friday.


Whether it is a brick and mortar or online store, all entrepreneurs prepare their stocks for Black Friday and try to build the best social media strategy to meet all of the needs of consumers. Finally, don’t forget to provide customers with a pleasant shopping experience in addition to discounts and offers, because they will always appreciate good service.