Episode 5: How will you deal with an increase in the number of visitors at the same time?

  1. What is Clusters CS?

Clusters CS is a web-hosting server management system.

If we have a presentation site, a blog, or an online store, it must be hosted on a server in a data center. Then, certain software on the server will deliver content from the database to form the image that we see on the computer.

This server must be configured, with specific software installed in advance, with Clusters CS assisting with the automation of these installations, configurations, and everything else required to deliver the site’s content to the public.

There are multiple cases where traffic peaks and a server is unable to keep up. CS Clusters can manage the infrastructure of as many servers as there are required to support traffic.

CS Clusters addresses all types of sites with no prior technical training required. In most cases, we take over an existing site and relocate it to one or more of our servers.

  1. What can Clusters CS do to help an online store’s website?

The website’s difficult operation can be attributed to one of two factors. One cause is poor optimization, while another is excessive user traffic on the server.

We can address both issues by providing a very simple interface for optimizing page response speed, and we recommend increasing the number of servers for solutions that require a larger number of servers.

  1. What should you do if your website isn’t working properly during Black Friday sales?

For traffic campaigns, which occur frequently, the option is very simple. Add a number of servers based on previous traffic estimates. We can run a test period in which we simulate increased traffic and come up with a recommendation for the number of servers that need to be added.

Clusters CS also serves an important function, which is stability. Virtual machines can fail, and servers can crash and stop working. If all of the information is on that server, the entire site will crash and nothing will work. What we do is ensure this redundancy function: if a server crashes, the user is unaffected; the system continues to function; and the rest of the servers take over that task.