All successful online stores have one thing in common: great e-fulfillment services.

No matter the business type, every entrepreneur’s dream is to succeed in scaling his business and why not, even expand it worldwide. And when we refer to an e-commerce shop, this task becomes even more difficult, by demanding significant effort on multiple levels.

Scaling and expanding worldwide an e-commerce business can be easily achieved by using e-fulfillment services. These services will help you streamline all the processes of your online shop which will lead to selling more products in a faster manner.

But, what exactly is e-fulfillment?

The e-fulfillment process involves several things: arranging products on the fulfillment center shelves, choosing and packing orders, shipping times and methods, all these being part of the logistics operations.

Scaling an e-commerce business is one of the main goals of any entrepreneur, and this becomes possible when logistics and transportation processes are taken over by a single supplier, able to manage the entire ecosystem of logistics operations. Due to the integration of all services, besides transport, storage, product packaging, return logistics, an e-commerce business becomes more flexible by integrating and optimizing courier services through a single provider.

Therefore, an e-fulfillment service implies more than the procedure of picking and packing orders, it is an integrated platform of the best e-commerce service providers.

Below, you can find listed the most important benefits of outsourcing the e-fulfillment service through Simplify:

  1. Less time for packing, more time for business

Have you started an online business because you wanted to spend your time packing boxes? We know you didn’t, and even if you have such skills and you like practicing it on any occasion, this is not what such business is supposed to be.

Outsourcing the logistics of your online store can save you valuable time, so you can take care of the activities that are relevant to you: sales, marketing, development, etc.

2. Easy access to multiple marketplaces

Every entrepreneur’s dream is to get as far as possible, in as many markets as possible, as quickly as possible. If you outsource the e-fulfillment service, you have access to partnerships that can easily advance you on multiple marketplaces, where you’ll enjoy optimized costs with couriers and get access to their distribution network.

When your e-commerce business expands, the customer expectations and demands grow higher. In this industry, where everything is on the run, as an entrepreneur, you should set for ok services, but with perfect functioning ones.

Outsource the logistics of your online store and you will become more competitive and efficient.

3. You’ll only pay for the space you occupy

It’s as simple as it can be: turning fixed costs into variable ones.

Maybe for the moment it seems much cheaper if you take care of this part, but as you grow, an e-fulfillment service will help you save money.

Just imagine the monthly costs that are involved when you decide to deal internally with the logistics of your online store, whether you have 100 or 1000 orders per month: space rent, utilities, human resources, etc. When using an e-fulfillment service, the costs appear only when you receive an order and only for the storing space of your products. Moreover, you do not get stuck in long-term costs or expensive rents, but you continue to benefit from our expertise and special prices for packaging and delivery.

4. You’ll benefit from advanced technology

A good e-fulfillment service comes bundled with technology that helps your business become more efficient. This includes multiple integrations with your sales channels and other process optimization programs, such as choosing couriers and optimizing inventory.

Undoubtedly, through outsourcing, the storage, management and delivery of your products become much more efficient. All the work done for the reception, storage and organization of the products becomes our job. Moreover, by choosing to outsource this service, the risk of multiple delivery errors is minimized. Inventory technology, automated processes, simplified picking and packaging methods and advanced receipt and return procedures ensure accurate and efficient processing of all orders.

5. Efficient return logistics

Logistics, especially return logistics, is a huge hussle.

You have better things to do instead of generating return labels, tracking, processing, quality control and reintroducing returns to stock.

And then again, the best partner for this is an e-fulfillment service.

6. Most important: You’ll gain the happiness of your customers

A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of them all. It is well known that when you have happy customers, they will not only choose to order again, but will further recommend you to their friends. A professional customer service is perhaps one of the most important benefits that your business can have. If you choose to outsource your logistics, you will have time to measure your customers’ satisfaction, improve your response and settlement time and optimize your claim procedures. You’ll have more time for what’s important: improve your e-commerce store and even scaling your business.